Static surveillance

Protection of facilities, goods and people.

A different company.    Projected into the future.   With high quality services.

Some basic rules to ensure the provision of quality services:

  • Integrity. In any activity, and particularly in ours, this quality is established as a fundamental condition.
  • Honesty permanently projected in service, will be our main quality.
  • Always act rightly, contributes to the image of excellence that we transmit.
  • For obvious reasons, the sense of responsibility in the activity of providing security services is essential.
  • We intend to transmit tranquility to all clients with quality services shown.
  • We guided our day-to-day, to allow the Client's expectations are met and if possible exceeded.
  • The ambition of overcoming and their individual progression, develop the professional pride that determines the best way to achieve the goals.
  • Search in mutual cooperation with other reviewers, the best solution to the problems of day-to-day.
  • It behooves us to be discreet while performing the activity.
  • It is important to "well being" with dignity to the Client within or outside the premises of the same.
  • The excesses are inconvenient and unacceptable. Common sense is important.
  • An element with good image conveys respectability, and thus has facilitated its activity.
    A vigilant as the name itself says, should have an attitude of continuous observation, always be alert and ensure the protection of persons and property within its area of ​​responsibility.
  • Obtained through the courtesy respect and cooperation, which are important factors in our business.
  • All elements must care for family members and their clients employees as part of LIMAYJA family, preventing anything that might damage its integrity, to convey a polite sense of security, is contributing to the development of our good image.

Towards to a bright future