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The LIMAYJA SECURITY was founded in 1993 to meet the security needs of the Angolan society.

We offer quality products and services at an affordable price. Nowadays, quality and competitive pricing continues to be our way to satisfy customers.

Our success comes from the quality level of our services and products.

We have a highly qualified and specialized team of professionals. Headed by a professional with extensive experience in the sector, betting on the constant training of new professionals.

Only with a team of professionals with high performance, it can achieve the desired results.

Train competent and able to act on several fronts elements, has become paramount for the company, we aim to achieve high standards of quality services to clients.

In such a competitive market like Private Security, increasing the company thus becomes a mandatory requirement, so that it can provide excellence in all services provided.

Quality professional training is our main goal.

Investing in our employees to underpin the development of the company.

We seek to maintain a constant excellence in all services, to achieve the coveted goals:
  1. Occasionally we ascertain the performance of our professionals.
  2. We consult with clients to get their opinion, for the services rendered.
  3. We identify the real security needs of customers and society.
  4. We design the ideal solution for all projects.
  • A new posture.

  • A new stratigy.

  • A different security designed in the present and thinking about the future.