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This is the right place to find all the items and security services you will need.

Enjoy the tranquility that you can find at LIMAYJA SECURITY, through interconnected security solutions for your home or business.

Our primary objective is the tranquility of our clients. To this end we seek to exceed the expectations of our clients, analyzing all the real needs for protection.

Investing in a multifaceted quality service, with services in which our main objective is the satisfaction of all customers, by projecting and proposing each solution in a unique and personalized manner, as a result of detailed analysis of the real security needs from customers, without forgetting the economic factor, satisfying both sides.

We offer the most complete and advanced security services to all market sectors. We have an extensive range of adaptable services according to the customer needs, to satisfy the different requested security levels.

Based on this expertise we can distinguish three service packages:

Static (Surveillance, guards, and receptionists), Electronics Security Systems and Cash in Transit (CIT).


Our Services:

    • Detection of metals System ( SDM ) .
    • X-ray Systems ( SRX ) .
    • Parks Management Systems ( PMS ).
    • Fleet Management Systems ( FMS ).

Customers recognize in us a strategic partner interested and which reflects the concern of always evolving, therefore customers are satisfied and quiet, loyalty of a lasting relationship, because they trust us and recommend us.

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