Transportation Money / Values ​​(escort values​​). (CIT) Cash-in-transit or (CVIT) Cash / valuables-in-transit


The LIMAYJA SECURITY CIT Cash In Transit vehicles have been endowed with superior levels of protection and deterrence to those required by the existing rules.


These special vehicles are designed to safely transport money and other values ​​of our customers, ensuring the safety of our employees throughout the operation.

Shielded are traceable and contactable at any time, through the use of different communication systems. These mechanisms for monitoring and control allow you to interact with vehicles and employees, both in terms of safety or the operational level.
Além dos vários serviços que prestamos de transporte de dinheiro, procedemos a recolhas, transporte e entregas, de outro tipo de valores.

Do not risk transporting substantial personal or inherent value to your business, contact us we establish this safe transportation.