Service Picket rapid intervention.



The PIR (Rapid Intervention Picket) intervenes as soon as possible on the local alarm to verify the nature of the event and act accordingly in performance of their respective functions. This service is reinforced / assisted if necessary by Motorised Patrol 24 Hours

Service provided specialized intervention 24h vigilant in self transported (Moto or SVUs), they are properly forewarned with the necessary means for intervention (fitted with control patrols device , lantern books occurrence reports etc..) And equipped with own means of defense and communication, all vehicles can be triggered at any time of day via telephone or radio, ensuring greater safety in homes and businesses.

The RIP (Rapid Intervention Picket) works in direct collaboration with the Control center of LIMAYJA SECURITY is their local collaborator in strengthening the call center, and directly intervening in clients in situations of alarm or other situations.

Enjoy of this service, customers with contract RIP (Rapid Intervention Picket), with or without having guard keys contract  for electronic security systems installed by LIMAYJA SECURITY or contract to link to Control center of LIMAYJA SECURITY such as: