Motorised Patrol 24 Hours

Motorised Patrol (Motorcycle and Car)


Ideal service for clubs, private condominiums, hypermarket, shipyards, factories, storage areas, oil industries, local residential and commercial areas, etc..,
Vehicles (cars and motorcycles) from LIMAYJA SECURITY circulate in a visible manner without prior routines established to increase the security of the place, providing quick patrols and effective performance continues and more vigilant, and even support the fixed elements, acting as an element of dissuasion for any criminal purpose in the area of ​​operation.

In more specific operations LIMAYJA SECURITY use appropriate vehicles with a crew of 3 or 4 elements, equipped with the necessary means of intervention and provided with its own means of communication, all cars can be triggered at any time by telephone or radio, ensuring greater security of people, homes and businesses.

Through our teams of motorized round, composed by highly qualified professionals, LIMAYJA SECURITY has increasingly partnerships security 24 hours a day, making available to your business or residence support mobile security, and rapid intervention required for its tranquility.

We seek a healthy cooperative relationship with public authorities, thus expanding the safety net that involves our clients.

The rounds Motorized guarantees TRANQUILITY, affordable because the costs are shared by several customers in a particular location.

Come learn more about the products and services we have at your disposal and your company on our web page or in person at our premises. If you want more information, please contact us. We are available to serve the needs of your company.

You can find us in Rua Benguela n º 47-A, Bairro Patrice Lumumba, Luanda.