Control center
Alarm Monitoring center
Video Monitoring center
Customer support 24h/365 days

The control center will have human resources to ensure a 24/7 service. There will be close collaboration with all departments, contributing to the support of all services provided by the company.

Receiving Centre Monitoring Alarm Systems (MAS)
MAS is answered by professionals specific instructed to the different events, receiving alarm signals analyzing them and acting in line with the event being recorded.
Receiving Centre Remote Monitoring and
control videos Systems (RMVS)
Receives and records videos of intrusion alert on customers in real time.
The operator of the RMVC operates in line with the event being recorded.
Customer support 24h/365 day. A service with a team of highly specialized trained professionals to serve the clients. Telephone support customers to solve the problems presented by clients systems.
Elaborating occurrence report, which will be sent to the respective department.