Video Intercom

Due to advancement in technology in this area, our focus goes to easy installation available with wireless systems or with only 2 wires.

The traditional 4-wire systems are a thing of the past as well as being hand-intensive additional and more complex installations, which translates into higher costs required.

With this type of Video Intercom system, you never have to worry about who is in front of your door, or if someone rang while he was away, because the system records all calls with time, date and photo of the people who tried to contact (PRO and Wireless) and acquiring an additional accessory to divert the call to your mobile phone and communicate from it and open the door if you wish (PRO POWER)!

Our system not only offers tranquility and peace of mind and an extra security, as you can also install multiple monitors that can be used as a communication system in the house, from one room to another (PRO POWER).

We offer a variety of styles and designs to choose from. Our screens 7 inch Color facilitate the viewing distance, and our push-high strength and waterproof, prevent vandalism. All Video Intercoms come with manuals and assembly diagrams and are very easy to install.