Intrusion Detection Systems

The intrusion detection systems, commonly referred to as alarm, are important deterrents and protection for any kind of infrastructure. Ensuring that you will be alerted whenever there is a suspicious movement in the protected area.

An intrusion detection system consists of peripheral devices, interior volumetric detectors, personal (panic) alarm devices etc., placed in strategic locations in order to detect intrusion or movement of any situation that needs monitoring (eg. Floods, power failure, reservoir levels etc..) and alert CRA (the receiving Central Alarm) and the owners that something fishy is going on.

The alert can be transmitted by various routes for the Control center

  (the Alarm Monitoring center), such as GSM, SMS, NET, phone call, etc..

The intrusion detection system is useful for any sector of activity, such as: Banking, Commerce, Industries, Public Institutions, Schools, Hospitals, Museums, residences, etc..

Due to their individualized use, the intrusion detection system can and should be used as a complement to various security systems and services.

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