Time & Attendance

Management and attendance control, T&A (Time and attendance)


A System Management time and attendance is to record the movements of incoming and outgoing worker through digital point terminals that can make reading the movements using various technologies: proximity card only, card and code, only code, biometric, facial recognition, iris recognition, etc..

According to the needs of the employer, the system allows to keep a record of hours worked by employees. The employer can thus maintain a register in order to establish the number of hours worked by the employee, per day and per week, indicating the start time and finish the job.

Advantages of placing an electronic control system of attendance, T&A:

  • Increased productivity;
  • Reduced administrative costs of service personnel;
  • Increased attendance and profitability of Human Resources;
  • Facilitates payroll;
  • Easy to maintain updated records;
  • Control of unexcused absences;
  • Control of overtime;
  • Strict control of the operating company and real effective